Ankr Has Found a New Purpose in Crypto with Celo

2020.05.05 15:50

Ankr is building a marketplace for container based cloud services using shared resources. Ankr makes deploying any blockchain node easy, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe.

Ankr Has Found a New Purpose in Crypto with Celo

Today, we proudly announce that Ankr has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity and will contribute to the Celo ecosystem by providing node deployment and hosting solutions for Celo nodes and Dapp developers.

The Celo Alliance for Prosperity is a community of mission-aligned organizations working together to foster financial inclusion through blockchain technology.

Each member of the Alliance is unique, but our combined contributions will make it easier to move digital currencies around the world and create accessible financial tools to enable more people to use digital currencies in the geographies that need it most.

We will leverage our node hosting solutions and global network to further strengthen and decentralize the Celo network. Ankr and Celo will also explore the possibilities to add Celo Dollars as a payment method on the Ankr platform and add ANKR token to Celo’s reserve.

For those interested in becoming an active participant in the Celo ecosystem, Celo Gold (cGLD) will be available for purchase via a Dutch auction hosted by CoinList to non-US residents beginning at 1:00 am UTC May 12th and lasting for 12 hours.

Read all about Ankr and the Celo Alliance here:

See the announcement of the Celo Alliance here:

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