Run a PCHAIN node on the Ankr Cloud

2020.05.15 11:54

Ankr is building a marketplace for container based cloud services using shared resources. Ankr makes deploying any blockchain node easy, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe.

Run a PCHAIN node on the Ankr Cloud

Ankr and PCHAIN are launching a joint campaign to promote PCHAIN public node hosting. The campaign will begin at the start of the next epoch early June. More details will follow on May 29th 2020.

We will provide one-click node deployment for PCHAIN public nodes nodes on our cloud platform at

Current PCHAIN public node hosts who want to take part in the campaign need to make sure they have their PI tokens available at the start of the next epoch. The epoch progress and remaining time to unstake can be followed here:

**Participants in the campaign will get a free month of hosting on the Ankr cloud and share a delegation pool of 3,600,000 PI tokens!**

As a beacon of our collaboration, Ankr will run its own official candidate node on the PCHAIN mainnet!

Stay tuned for the launch of the campaign before the end of May!

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